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Several years ago, much to my wife's dismay, I began collecting Curio and Relic
Firearms. I was continuously frustrated by the lack of "correct" products that were
available to the C&R collectors, especially in regards to refinishing rifle stocks . After
much research into the products that were used in the different eras of history, I found
some that were correct to be used. This site was created to assist other collectors by
providing products to assist them in the refinishing of the long ignored gunstocks.
My Products:
Currently, I have two variations of a 19th and 20th century version of a Finnish Gunstock
Wax more recognizably named the 1/3 Mix or Finn Mix. After researching this product, I
found that not only the Finnish Army used this mix, but it and similar variations of it were
used all the way back to the 17th century by various countries around the world. This is
the original formula used by the Finns in the 19th and 20th Centuries. It is safe to use
on all military gunstocks regardless of the types of finish applied. It can even be used
as the finish all by itself. It will protect your stock from the elements (water, humidity,
etc.) while giving your stock a softer feel.
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I have now used Tom’s 1/3 mix (white) on 6 different stocks, including my brand new CMP stock for my ’43 Garand. It is a great product that
is easy to use and makes a truly professional finish within reach of anyone. It is a great product for brand new wood, or to spruce up an old
military stock.
Mike Bernazzani

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This:

Greetings Tom,

I wanted to send off this email to say "Thank You" for the quick processing of my order for your gunstock wax. It arrived today and has
already been applied to several rifles.

I'll be brief and to the point; I have spent the better part of 37 years in uniform (USMC), and over the years I have become "something of a
gun collector" but not a too serious one with great guns costing mega-dollars. I am currently working as a writer for the United States
Marine Corps, here, at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia.

Having been the Director of the Marine Corps' Command Museum, in San Diego, CA., (1992-1997), I had a deep appreciation for the
different types of service rifles which we were responsible for, as they were viewed by thousands of visitors. We always wanted them to
look perfect and finding the best protective coating was always an issue.

Your 1/3 mix has just been applied to two M1 Garand service rifles, and will be applied to my '03 Springfield, later today. I mention this
because I also serve as a docent at the new National Museum of the Marine Corps. Your 1/3 mix will be used to highlight several weapons
that will ultimately be displayed there. Should you ever change your formula, please let me know, and feel free to send a sample for us to

I was totally pleased with the result that was produced, this afternoon, with your fine product.
Keep up the good work, Tom.  

Semper Fidelis,

Major B. H. "Doc" Norton, USMC (Ret)

Or These:

I mixed up a batch of your cleaning solution.  WOW, what a difference.  I just purchased a dirty, well used No.4 Mk.I Enfield.  The
solution brought back new life to the stock.  I also purchased some of your 1/3 mix.  That went on my India 2A Enfield last night.  I'm
loving this stuff.  I can't wait to take out my CMP 1903 and give it some TLC with your product.  I was always in a quandary about how
to take care of some of my more valuable firearms, concerned that I may alter the value by using the wrong stuff on the wood.  Now I
don't need to worry.  Thanks for your ingenuity and I'll be ordering more 1/3 mix soon, I'm sure.
Highest regards, Scott

ArcherAce -
Tom, I don't know if you saw the $99 AIM Enfield I did using your wax, but feel free to use the pics if you'd like. (they will be posted in my
Your product is great.

ScottyK -
I picked up a tin of the 1/3 mix for an unnissued 59/66 after seeing a picture of the results on this forum. A couple of coats right after
baking out the cosmo is all you will need. I got a beautiful satin looking finish that really compliments the wood without being overly
Tom's wax is a great product at a great price. It even has a nice lemony scent. It's the only gun care product I have that the wife
doesn't complain about how it smells

One of my best reviews to date comes from an individual who bought and used my 1/3 mix on a Garand in his personal collection. Little did
I know at the time who this individual was.
"I have tried Tom's Military Gunstock Wax and I'm impressed with the results. It is similar to the product I used in the Ordnance Corps.
Currently, this is the only known source of supply for this product.
If you take your time in applying it per instructions supplied, you will have a finish that compliments a new parkerizing job. I intend to
use this product exclusively."
John Lawson - Moderator C+R Gun Collector Forums - Former U.S. Army Ordnance Corps. - Former Editor for American Handgunner
Magazine - Builder for IDPA Champions

Preachere - Moderator - Forums
"This stuff really is awesome, I only wish someone was selling it when I got started years ago, it would have made things much easier
for a noob like I was then."

VaFisher -
"Just wanted to say thanks again and let everyone know this stuff is great. I just refinished a shotgun inside and out including the
stock that had seen its better day. I stripped it totally, went over and through all checkered area, raised the dents, sanded and then
stained to my liking. I then used this 1/3 mix over it for a final to help protect the finish. This stuff goes on so easy and it put a good
seal with a smooth finish on my stock finish. I had heard before about a mix of sort using wax as a base but never tried any before
this, sure glad I tried it.
It's a great product at a very good price. Thanks again."

lone_rifleman -
"This stuff works very well on any hardwood stock."

redryder2 -
"Excellent move, Tom!! I just ordered a three-pak, and now I can wax my rifles AND poetic. I love being able to use PayPal... so much
easier. You're on your way to being a big waxy business!"
Congrats. David

Metzgeri - Surplusrifle,com/
"Well, I'm here to attest to Tom's product.
I refinished my Swede m/96 and will have a Laminated K98 finished with it soon. Those pictures
(on his site) don't do his product
After getting the wood the correct color with stain, I applied BLO and finished with Tom's 1/3 wax. Good stuff. Gives the rifle a water
proofing, within measure. Leaves the rifle with an almost "purist's" feel to it, like what it might have looked like after a GI had cleaned
it and returned it to the arms room for inspection. Takes about 4-5 applications for me. Leaves a nice satin looking finish that is quite
tough once dried thoroughly.
Good product, Tom. I'll be ordering more when this tin runs out."
In a later email he added - "Hey man, great product. I know the recipe for this but, what a P.I.T.A. it is to make, not to mention the
expense!! You've got a great product at a good price."

GB4 - CMP Forums/
"This is a very nice product and I was very happy with it."

Shyquestor -
"This smells and feels good! Thanks, Tom, and nice service."

tah -
"I got it today, and I ordered three more! Good stuff!"

jjfylstra -
"Tom is a great seller,Great communicator. Sent the stock wax as soon as he receive the money. The stock wax works great Thanks

rifleman1 -
"BTW I used the mix, today, on a Yugo 59/66 with light elm wood, a 1943 K Kales Turk Mauser also with light furniture and a deep, dark
mineral stained Czech Vz24. Outstanding results. I'm sold."

singleshotcajun -
"The Finn's used 1/3 Finn stock mix on their stocks. It's one third Boiled linseed oil, one third turpentine, one third beeswax. I use it on
all my Finn's and Enfield's and any other mil-surp. You can buy it from a board member already made up. Here is Tom's website.
Tom and I shoot together and he is a great guy and his product is outstanding."
Thank You for visiting my website.
If you're happy with the results and want to share the pictures,
feel free to email them to me to post. I may have to rotate them in
and out as numbers increase, but you will be sharing your
experience with others.
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hobby turned business. The following list is by no means all the reviews I have received and I regret that due to electronic limitations and
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YOU  for your assistance and support. Now, to the reviews:
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